About Us You are not alone, beloved. God has a plan for your life. No matter what you have been through, no matter what you have suffered, God is still in the business of setting His people free. May the tools we present here be the first step in your journey to an abundant life.




PRIVATE COUNSELING via Phone or Skype is available. Counseling is international and available to every country worldwide. One hour sessions are prepaid via PayPal. 50% discounts offered to: Single parents, widows and those in financial need. 


Breaking the Back of Depression        ******     Fear Has NO Power Over You


Jackie Osinski takes us on her own personal struggle, heartaches and devastations of dealing with depression. The book opens as Jackie is a seven-year-old child trying to deal with an abusive home life. As the book progresses, we find a young woman haunted by the demonic forces of depression. It is only several years later when the Word of God is revealed to her in a dynamic new way, that she is able to find complete freedom. The tools to overcome depression are presented in a clear and understandable manner that will empower anyone willing to use the tools and overcome depression once and for all.



Donations/ Current Needs

Please consider a donation to this site if you feel that it has been a help in any way. All donations go to continue the ministry and purchase supplies for those who cannot afford them.

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Building Mountain Streams Healing Center

Help us build the dream of a drug-free Healing Center in Pagosa Springs Colorado. Where those bound by the darkness of addictions, mental torment, hopelessness, depression and suicidal tendencies can find hope. Our Healing Center will use all natural and spiritual tools to find the healing that many have never been able to find. Will you help to bring this dream to reality? Whether we purchase the land and build or find a location with a building already on it we are ready to move forward and complete the vision God gave us many years ago. This facility will include in-patient and out-patient care.any will be set free from