About Us You are not alone, beloved. God has a plan for your life. No matter what you have been through, no matter what you have suffered, God is still in the business of setting His people free. May the tools we present here be the first step in your journey to an abundant life.


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About the Director 

Jackie Osinski is an author, counselor, Bible teacher, wife and mother of two daughters.  As a former pastor, she has counseled many who have suffered from depression, fear, hopelessness and the vast sufferings of the mind. Her passion is to see the oppressed set free. She is on a journey to bring hope, healing and freedom to those suffering.

Having lived with depression for over 20 years, Jackie sought answers to be set free. After countless years of seeking every possible avenue for help, she discovered the power to overcome and be totally set free through the Word of God.  Jackie then set out on a course to help others. Through many years as a counselor, conference speaker and pastor, she has used these same tools to help others.

“I have lived in the desperate vise of hopelessness. I know what it is like to awake each morning and wish that I hadn’t. I understand the horrific pain of trying to make it through each hour of the day when all you feel around you is pain and hopelessness.

I am a living testimony of one who has found the power of God to overcome every obstacle. It is my deepest desire that those who struggle with the heartaches of life use the tools God has given us to begin their own journey into freedom, peace and joy.”



PRIVATE COUNSELING via Phone or Skype is available. Counseling is international and available to every country worldwide. One hour sessions are prepaid via PayPal. 50% discounts offered to: Single parents, widows and those in financial need. 

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Fricassée of Wild Mushrooms
Jackie Osinski takes us on her own personal struggle, heartaches and devastations of dealing with depression. The book opens as Jackie is a seven-year-old child trying to deal with an abusive home life. As the book progresses, we find a young woman haunted by the demonic forces of depression. It is only several years later when the Word of God is revealed to her in a dynamic new way, that she is able to find complete freedom. The tools to overcome depression are presented in a clear and understandable manner that will empower anyone willing to use the tools and overcome depression once and for all.

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