A Holding Pattern doesn’t mean No

When a plane is in a holding pattern it just means that the tower is waiting for a runway to open up so the plane can land.  Many times we  wait for God to answer prayers and He just has us in a holding pattern.  We are so often needlessly discouraged, hopeless and in despair because we don’t understand that God has us in a holding pattern for a reason.


When that plane is circling around waiting for the green light, it can’t see the whole picture.  It can’t see the traffic problem on the runway or the fast approaching storm, it must trust the tower. If the pilot chooses to use his own judgement and land anyways, it could cost him and all others on board their lives.

IT IS A MATTER OF TRUST.  He trusts the tower for the unseen. How much more so should we trust the Lover of our Souls, who only has the best intent for us?

“Trust in the Lord with ALL your Heart, lean not to your own understanding…”

Trust is a decision, not an emotion.

You must choose to trust God when your prayer is not yet answered.  Can you see all the approaching storms?  Can you know all the harm headed your way?  Can you know what tomorrow holds? What prayers of yours are yet unanswered?  Where do you feel God hasn’t heard you?  Where are you hurting?

Beloved, God has heard your prayers.  He has you in a holding pattern because He is in the tower, and He sees so much more that you could understand.  Be still beloved, wait, choose to trust.  The Author and Finisher of your faith is faithful.

He will answer.

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