Are You SPIRITUALLY naked?

HOW do you begin your day?  Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed even before the day begins?  Do you ever feel that circumstances control your day instead of you controlling them? Are you upset, nervous and confused when things don’t go right?  If so, then you are probably walking around spiritually naked.


In the 6th chapter of Ephesians Paul tells us how to start our day so that we are in control of our circumstances  – not our circumstances controlling us.  He tells us that we need to put some spiritual clothes on!  This is called the Armor of God.

When you put on the armor, out loud and with authority, then you are telling yourself, your emotions, your thinking, Satan and your situations that today God will be in control of all that you say, think and do.

You see, you are fighting a battle with an enemy that you cannot see.  You are fighting  a spiritual battle – therefore you need spiritual equipment!  You need the armor of God.

Way too many of God’s people lead weak, defeated, powerless lives – tossed around like a piece of garbage in Central Park on a windy day.  You were created to OVERCOME- NOT TO BE OVERCOME! Without the armor of God you cannot possibly be all the success that God has called you to be.  When the devil looks at you, are you spiritually naked?

Get that armor on and be ready to be an overcomer!

2 thoughts on “Are You SPIRITUALLY naked?

  1. Amazing…..please continue allowing the Father to use you…. This is right where I’m at, I appreciate your response to the enemy tactics!!! God Bless!!!

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