Be Honest Until it Hurts

I grew up lying.  I learned that lying could save me from a beating. I even remember the very first time I lied. It got me out of a bad situation with my mother. Lying is a hard habit to break.

When I became a believer I found that lying, exaggerating, gossiping and spreading rumors was not only wrong, but sin.

“Do not lie to one another” 1 Col. 3:9



Lying had become such a part of my nature that at times I no longer knew what was truth and what was a lie.  When I saw that it dishonored God I really wanted to stop.  It was difficult. I had to pray

“Lord, show me each time I am lying or exaggerating as I am no longer conscious of it.”

It took quite a while, but it worked. I began to stop myself each time I was tempted to lie or exaggerate.  What I struggled with next was telling the truth. Being honest until it hurts is not easy. Again I found myself asking God to give me the strength to confess to others my wrong doings and my secret sins when the situation called for it.

I lost my job last year. Things have been pretty tight financially. I could have applied for unemployment. I have in the past.

But there is something in the system that is tempting me to lie. You see when I have to fill out the weekly form to receive myfile00084386750 payment I don’t always have  open positions that I can apply for, which is a requirement.  We live in a rural area and there are few job openings. That tempts me to lie.  A lot of people do it.  Boy, am I tempted. So I chose to  be honest until it hurts and not apply for unemployment, choosing to lose thousands of dollars. It does hurt.



But I believe that everything that we do on this earth will one day be revealed before God when we stand in judgement.  It is hard to do what is right – especially when so many around you are balking the system and getting away with it.  Are you walking in integrity today?

“Heavenly Father show us when we are lying or exaggerating. Help us to uphold your standard even when no one else seems to adhere to integrity. Give us the Power of the Holy Spirit to speak only the truth, act only in truth and to be honest until it hurts.” In Jesus name we pray.  amen

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