Cancer can be a Beautiful Thing


It has been a year since my husband has been diagnosed with cancer and it has been a beautiful thing. You see Michael works in the corporate world.  He is an amazing person and a true believer, yet the world was staining him with bitterness, resentment and anger.  Then one day he saw himself differently.  

He saw his sin.  He wrote down this prayer:

 “Lord, no matter what it takes, draw me back to you.”

 It was just a matter of months and he was given the diagnosis. Something amazing has happened. His heart has softened towards Christ.  Jesus has once again become the lover of His soul.  Priorities started changing. He took the time to reflect and repent.  He wept, he questioned, he prayed.  He returned to his first love.

He once again became the gentle, loving and godly man I married.  Cancer has just been a tool to make Michael more beautiful. We will all die one day.  Whether the Lord takes Michael now or when he is 100, really isn’t the point.

The point is “Where will he spend eternity?” “What kind of life will he give account for?” There is a greater love and peace that is on him.   He has faced the possibility of death  and it has caused him to rearrange his heart.

Cancer has been a beautiful thing and I can only praise God that He will use whatever tool it takes in each of our lives to draw us back to Him.  

Perhaps you or  a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer. Perhaps you feel that the pain is too difficult, the burden too much to bear, the heartache too devastating. Find the beauty in the midst of all the pain and suffering. Allow God to show you how He is still working in the midst of your situation. You can still find beauty even in the midst of adversity – if you will only allow the Author and Finisher of your faith to complete the masterpiece He started so long ago.

“Dear Lord, I pray for my friend, you know what they are going through and you know how cancer has touched their life. Help them to find your beauty in the midst of this adversity, help them to see your glory in the depth of all the pain. Shower them with your love and your goodness. If it your will to heal then bring it to pass. Regardless of the outcome let them know that you are right there holding their hand and carrying them through these difficult days. May your name be glorified.”  In Jesus name we pray.  amen

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