Demons (An excerpt from Breaking the Back of Depression)


“A short time later I had a similar experience except that “my spirit” sat up in bed.  I looked back and there I was, asleep in bed.  Now I had truly entered the occult world. It was now nightly that I would feel vibrations and be ready to astral project. But soon weird things began to happen.  I couldn’t stop the vibrations.   One night I was asleep and I could see with my eyes closed that a young boy was sitting on me.  I wasn’t scared as I thought I recognized him from childhood.  As I continued to look at him I began to realize that this was not Victor but some sort of demon come to torment me.

I was not a Christian but I did know the name of Jesus.

I said in my mind “You are not Victor, you get out in the name of Jesus!”

Immediately, the demon picked up and flew out the window.  His torso was of a boy yet I could see the tail of his body was just like Casper the ghosts’, a vapor.  I was now terrified.  I wanted out of the occult. But these types of visitations were now a regular occurrence.   I began sleeping with the lights on.  I could no longer stop the astral projections.

Are demons real? Absolutely.  When someone says they have seen a “ghost” they have actually seen a demon.

When Satan revolted against God one-third of the angels were cast out of heaven along with Satan. Demons are bodiless spirits. They are continually in search of a body to inhabit.  THROUGH SIN WE OPEN DOORS FOR DEMONS TO TORMENT US, CONTROL US AND PUT STRONGHOLDS  ON US.

Have you ever felt compelled to do something that you knew that you shouldn’t be doing? There is a good chance that you felt a demonic influence in your life. Everything that you see becomes a part of you.  One of the most common ways for a demon to enter you is through violent, graphic or pornographic t.v., movies and magazines. At that point demons come into your mind, set up camp and begin to infiltrate as much of your mind and activities that they possibly can. They will take as much ground as you give them.

Demons have one quest, to inflict suffering and evil upon mankind so that Satan’s realm will prosper.

Everyone serves someone.  

Who are you serving?

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