Don’t Curse the Blessing

I had just dropped my daughters off at their Christian School.  (This was when my kids were young.) When I got back home I started griping about the  lousy teachers, the old building, the lack of playground, etc, etc.

God stopped me and said “DON’T CURSE THE BLESSING!”



I thought, that is so true. That school has provided a safe haven away from a lot of the problems I wanted my kids to avoid.  I was taking the very thing God has blessed me with and cursed it!

Sometimes we curse the very thing God has blessed us with. We do this by complaining, whining, fretting, mumbling and grumbling.  Life is NOT perfect. Schools are not perfect.  Marriages are not perfect. Jobs are not perfect. Be thankful for what you DO HAVE and stop cursing the blessing that God has given you!

We put ourselves in a dangerous position when we take for granted the things that God has done for us or given us.  You see, when we lose sight of what is really important and we begin to complain, we are setting ourselves up for a hard lesson. Sometimes God will allow what we have to be taken from us so that we will learn an eternal lesson – gratefulness.  

“Heavenly Father, show us where we have cursed the blessings that You have so graciously given us.  Forgive us for complaining.  Give us an attitude of gratitude.  Teach us how to give thanks in all things.” In Jesus name we pray.  amen.

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