I was kicked out of Prison

I was at the women’s prison facility every Sunday. I held a church service which lasted just over an hour. I loved being with these amazing people. Several became close friends. We prayed together, shared together and encouraged one another. One thing that I kept hearing was that a lot of the women were struggling with thoughts of insanity.   I had women tell me that they were at several other facilities and never had a problem like that until they came to this facility in Indiana.


Over a hundred years ago an Insane Asylum was established there. There were still a few buildings which housed those who were needing treatment, but for the most part the place had been turned into a medium security prison facility for women.  A spirit of insanity continued to prevail on the grounds.

A spirit of insanity is demonic.  I knew that we needed to do a Prayer Walk around the grounds and reclaim the place for the Kingdom of God. I spoke to several prayer warriors and pastors who agreed to join me.

We met on a warm fall morning.  There were seven of us.  We stood in the prison parking lot as we waited for others to arrive.  A guard came over and asked us what we were doing there.  We very cordially explained that we were on a prayer walk around the facility.  We told her we would stay on the public road surrounding the prison.  She said that was fine and left.

We then began to walk and warfare.  We took authority over the demonic spirits of insanity, hopelessness, despair, rejection and suicide. For two hours we walked and prayed. You could feel the darkness breaking off the grounds. When I saw the ladies the next day they told me that as we were walking on the outside of the prison, they were walking on the inside.  The power of agreement.

A week later I was hearing testimonies of how the mental torment and feelings of suicide and anguish had subsided tremendously.  Then I received a phone call.  I was told by the prison authorities that they had placed a gate closure on me for acting inappropriately to a guard.  I would never be allowed to enter the prison facility again. THEY LIED. Then they sent a letter to my work repeating the same lie.  Then they called them. Ultimately it cost me my job, since the church I worked for believed the prison over me.

In the midst of all this I was not surprised. Do you think that you can do God’s work and not have Satan retaliate? The women in the prison even wrote  a letter trying to get me to come back to preach.  To no avail.  The door was shut.  Was it worth it? Of course it was.

“If any man wants to live Godly in Christ he will suffer persecution.”

Be prepared for persecution.

2 thoughts on “I was kicked out of Prison

  1. Prison is the devils playground. Many of my friends are doing prison ministry, and while I am tempted – I know that the evil presence there is not something I want to be around. I do not want demonic aggression against me.

    • Praise God that you know how serious the situation is. This is why the bible tells us to pray for those in prison as though it were our children in prison – prisoners feel so hopeless – they can feel the encouragement from our prayers. There are also many Christians who are in prison who must be lifted up that they do not grow weak or weary while incarcerated. Blessings brother, may you continue to walk in the fear of the Lord.

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