Letting Go of Unrequited Love

Have you ever given, loved or cared in a relationship and not received anything back? That is called unrequited love. It hurts because as we love and give to others we long for our feelings to be reciprocated. Often times they are not.

Relationships should always be two-sided, as one gives the other gives back. Even Jesus said

“Give and it will be given to you” (Lk.6:38)  

What He is saying is that when you do God’s will you will receive a reward, either on this earth or eternally. He is also teaching us about reciprocity – When we have given to others we should have a sense of receiving back from that individual. What relationship do you find yourself in that you are giving and getting almost nothing back? It may be TIME TO MOVE ON.



Two years ago I found myself once again fretting over a close relative who has never reciprocated my feelings. So often I have loved, given, served, prayed, hoped and cared – yet she has seldom shown me the same. It was her birthday and this time I  was going to find the perfect gift to send her. I would send it with the most beautiful card. Then she would love me! As I was in the thought process of all my planning the Lord gave me a vision.

I was in a boat in the middle of the ocean. There was a long anchor. But the anchor wasn’t in the sand, it was in my relative’s heart.

God said “Pick up your anchor and set sail.”

I saw myself hoisting up my anchor and for the first time in 27 years my boat moved. I was free. I was no longer weighed down with this woman who had unrequited love for me. I felt peace.  I felt joy. After that, each time this person would come to my mind I would smile and not be hurt or upset but I would simply say “I have moved on.”

God showed me that there are many others who will receive my love, my time and my care. – and they will love me back.  Those are the people I need to put my time into.

I have been able to teach this simple principle to many who have been hurt, abandoned, forsaken and deeply hurt. I have heard many powerful testimonies. One woman said that as she set sail she saw people standing on the beach.  Her boat began to move closer to shore. As the boat moved she saw the faint outline of many people standing there. Then she saw that they were all waving to her. They were excited and jumping up and down – waiting for her arrival. Then God spoke to her:

“These are all the people who are in your future who are waiting to love you, receive you and have a relationship with you. Don’t look back at what you feel that you have lost. Look forward to the new relationships that I have for you which will bless your life.”

Today I ask you again, who have you given to without receiving anything back? See yourself in a boat. Your anchor is in their heart. Begin to pull it up. Set sail.  Be free. See the shore? Look. There are many people waiting for you there who do love you, who do value you, who will reciprocate your love. The winds are blowing and it is time you loved and valued yourself.  In God’s time you will meet those who truly do love and appreciate you.

Be Free.

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