Lonliness -This is a Good Thing

That’s what Leah said to me when I poured out my heartache of loneliness –

“This is a good thing.”



We were living out in the country with no neighbors and my kids were hardly ever home anymore. Day after day I felt the deafening heartache of loneliness. So when I went to Leah, my pastors wife, for counsel, I was amazed that she felt my loneliness was a good thing.  How right she was.

“You need this” was all the Holy Spirit said. Then he began to show me that when we are feeling the emotion of loneliness it is causing us to find what is truly important in our lives.  Loneliness can be a tool of God to monitor and groom our affections in the right direction. There are so many distractions in life that we need to see loneliness as a road sign in our hearts. It exposes and reveals  who is really valuable to us and who we desire to spend our time with.  It keeps us in tune with our heart. 

My situation didn’t improve, but my attitude did.

I felt a deep sense of connection with those who were also struggling with loneliness and despair. In the following months and years there were many opportunities for me to counsel those who had a profound sense of loneliness.  God was using this to make my heart tender toward those who were hurting and isolated.

It happened again this morning.  I had a busy weekend full of college students yet this morning my daughters were heading back to Indianapolis with their friends.  I began crying.  I would miss them so much.  The house wouldn’t be the same without them.  

Yet, this time I knew that I would be learning life long principals. I would listen to my heart and find the direction I needed to be headed in. Once I saw that I had something positive to focus on, I felt so much better.  Leah was right, loneliness can be a good thing – if we can learn from it.

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