Lust or Love? (part 1)

Can lust ever turn to love?

What is wrong with lust?


In 2 Sam. 13 King David’s son, Amnon thought he loved his half-sister, Tamar.   He even said that he was “Love Sick.”  He confused lust with love. You see his sex drive towards her was so strong that it literally tormented him day and night.  He could not get Tamar in bed with him.  He could not wait – so he raped her.

There are several differences between lusting after someone and loving someone. First, Love is patient – Lust wants immediate satisfaction.  Second, love is kind –  Lust is harsh.  Third, love does not demand its own way – Lust is very DEMANDING.

To find further differences read 1 Cor. 13.  Lust may even feel like love at first, but eventually, one by one all the attributes of  1 Cor. 13 will be broken. Lust will be jealous, arrogant and act inappropriately – the exact opposite of true love.

So what’s so wrong about lust? 

It is rooted in sexual appetite – not true, respectful feelings for another. It is sin.

If you cannot use self-control in a relationship, then it is driven by a sexual nature, not a God nature.

Animals have a sex drive that controls them.  We are not animals, we are created in the image of God. God’s nature is gracious, loving, patient and kind. Are you in a relationship that does not reflect these attributes?  Lust will always keep us a prisoner, for it controls us, we cannot control it.

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