Nothing is too Difficult for Thee

“Ah Lord God! Thou hast made the heavens and the earth by thy great power… and NOTHING is too difficult for thee.” Jer.32:17


Jeremiah spoke these words in reflection of God’s sovereignty. This wasn’t easy.  This man had suffered persecution, rejection, physical beatings and extreme loneliness.  When he actually wrote these words he was questioning a decision he had just made in regard to purchasing a piece of land.  Basically he was feeling that he had messed up royally.

Do you feel that you have made a big blunder?  

Are you questioning a decision that you have made?

Do you wish that you could take back some words that you have spoken or a sin you have committed?

We all have these times – welcome to the world of humanity.  It is  inevitable that at times we are going to miss the mark, hurt others or  make a bad decision.  But like Jeremiah, we can put it in God’s hands and pray one of the most powerful prayers I have ever learned “Lord, please redeem this situation.”

Nothing is too difficult for God – but we must do our part.  We must repent when necessary, pray, have faith and choose to trust God.

What is troubling you?  Let that thing go.   Put it in God’s hands.  For you serve a big God who can turn any situation around.

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