Best Sleep Remedy for Great Nights Rest

file0001672720090file4151309035299file0001131265491Studies have proven that there is strong link between poor sleep and depression. I have never been a good sleeper.  I have struggled for years to find a solution to my problem.  I am very anti-sleep medication as I have counseled many who have been addicts. These last ten years have been extremely stressed filled. I felt that our family would just be coming up for air on one trial and then we would get hit with another.  Sleep evaded me.

I found my health, energy, strength and  pizzazz for life very quickly leaking out of my life. I prayed and researched.  I tried every natural product under the sun.  I bought a new mattress.  I spent several hundred dollars on all sorts of new pillows.  But the one thing that I didn’t do was I didn’t give up. Did you know that God loves it when we are tenacious? About a month ago I was in the middle of my research and I found that hops combined with L-Theanine can produce a deep and restful sleep. The first few nights I tried it I saw a dramatic change.

I  couldn’t believe it! Within a few nights I began sleeping deeply and soundly. I only awoke about 2 times during the night instead of my regular 6-10 times.  My dreams were clearer.  I awoke feeling rested.  The ingredients are ones that I have taken separately. The one ingredient that I had never taken was L-Theanine, which is a derivative of green tea.  Although it sounds like this would be energizing, it actually has a calming effect.  I have been using it every night now and for the first time in a long time feel stronger and healthier.

Perhaps you have considered taking a prescription for better sleep. One sleep study found that prescription sleep aids may be a short-term prospect for insomnia but in the long run these disrupt the sleep cycle and carry a risk of side effects.

The product that DOES encompass all the natural elements that help one to sleep is Irwin Naturals – Power to Sleep PM . After years of trying to find only the best product this one does the job. I don’t go one night without it. I am amazed at what a deep, natural sleep I have. This product has changed my life.

Are you sleeping well?  Do you wake up feeling rested and energized? Perhaps you feel like giving up like I did.  Don’t. Keep praying, keep seeking. Keep hoping.

“Keep sound wisdom… so when you lie down your sleep will be sweet.” Prov. 3:21,24

(I purchase all my vitamins online at Puritans Pride.)

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