Sometimes You’ve got to Strengthen Yourself

“David strengthened Himself” 1 Sam. 30:6

Sometimes you are going to be alone. Sometimes you will be without a prayer partner.  Sometimes you will be without a friend, without someone to console you, without someone to help you,  without  someone to lean on.  Sometimes it will be just you and God.



That is exactly the position King David found himself in.  He was going through a very difficult time.  He was struggling. But the world doesn’t stop just because you are hurting and David knew this.  How does one go on when you are hurt, hopeless, fearful,  discouraged?  You have to do what David did.  You have to strengthen yourself.

Pull out bible verses that apply to your situation and speak them out loud until your mind, body and soul once again believe that God is going to see you through the situation.  Speak in tongues.  The bible says that when we do this it builds us up in a supernatural way.  Pray and keep praying.  Pray until you get a breakthrough.  

Refuse to give into doubt and despair.  Refuse to give up. Put on the armor of God and battle the demonic realm until your mind lines up with the Word of God. Keep praising God for what He has done and refuse to focus on what He hasn’t.  

Use every tool from Genesis to Revelation.

God never gave up on you, don’t allow yourself to ever give up on God.

The victory is yours, but sometimes you’ve got to work to get it.

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