Stop and Pat the Pug

I was on my 6 mile bike ride this morning.  As I came up to a row of homes I saw a small pug with a black face and chubby body.  As I came nearer I heard him whine “Please stop and pat me.” He  was a chubber and he was adorable.  But I had to keep riding. I had to finish my exercise. I began to think: 

“When was the last time I patted a pug? Five years ago? Ten?”



Then I thought about all of us who are always “About our Father’s business.” Always trying to further God’s kingdom. Always working. Always planning.  On my ride back when I had decided that I would take the time for patting the pug, he was gone.  Too late. Sometimes we get so busy “doing” that we forget we are also supposed to be living.  Yes, we are to glorify God here on this earth. But He also gave us life to celebrate and enjoy!

How do we keep that balance?  Carpe diem  – You seize the day. When a pug moment occurs, enjoy it.  Don’t always question it.  God created the pug  just as much as He created the church or the trees or the mountains.  

“The earth is His and all that is therein….” even the pugs.  

Stop and pat a dog today, live your life.  

Celebrate God’s goodness.

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