The Balm of Gilead (Part 1)

file0001692700613Life brings its share of wounds, heartache and disappointments.  No therapist, no psychologist, no physician can dig into your heart and heal your wounds. They can certainly help you find a sense of peace and comfort, but they cannot heal you – only God can do that. In Ex. 15:26 the Lord tells us,

“For I, the Lord am your Healer.” In Luke 4:23  

Jesus refers to Himself as a Physician. What this means is that we can come to Christ and find the healing we so desperately long for.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit we can receive all the healing that we need.If you were to go into surgery for cancer you would want to be sure that all of it was removed.  You know that if even a little is left it can grow and put you back into surgery.  The same is true for spiritual wounds. When we are only partially healed then the door for ongoing problems is wide open.  One of the greatest tools God gives us is the Balm of Gilead. The Balm of Gilead was an actual healing salve during ancient biblical days.  It was used for various purposes – to protect one’s eyes and skin from the desert sun, to moisten skin and to heal wounds. We no longer have access to that multi-purpose balm. We now have something supernatural that can heal where no physician can – the Balm of Gilead through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said that He would be our Balm of Gilead. He said that He would go to the very depth of our pain and suffering and begin to heal what no physician can reach. Jesus said that He would be that salve of supernatural healing so that we would never have to relive those painful words, accusations, abuses, slanders, memories or any other wound which we have ever experienced.

The first time someone prayed the Balm of Gilead over me my life was dramatically changed. Many years ago I had gone through a difficult time of rejection.  When I was sharing this with a friend she offered to pray for me.  As she began she said “Balm of Gilead we now ask you to heal Jackie of past wounds and rejections, heal her heart and her mind.”

I immediately felt a tremendous sense of peace and healing.  I felt something I had never experienced before.  The very depth of my heart had been touched with the healing power of God.

We all  get hurt, misunderstood, rejected and offended – it is just part of life.

It happens on an ongoing basis.  Without healing, hurts fester.  Without healing we become bitter, wounded people.  Often we then become the one hurting others.

You and I need the Balm of Gilead every day.

One thought on “The Balm of Gilead (Part 1)

  1. hi jackie! I am asking you please to pray for me and my son and families to come and accept jesus as their lord an saviour……also pray the balm of gilead healing prayer over my life to heal my broken heart from my past relationship. I Love love and always searching for it through men and all those men in my life time did was used me. I am a very good woman a wife material type but the men that i choose doesn’t see that in me.

    to be honest Jackie, am still hurting from a previous relationship, i fell in love with a young guy 23 years an me 30 years old we have so much in common, he understands me i understand him but he just didn’t want to commit. we spent a lot of time together for 9 months we were so caught up i did everything for him because am one of the nurturing type of woman, i love to care for others as am a Care assistant and like the Job that i do taking care of the elderly in their homes.

    on the 7th of July Satan used me to attack his X girlfriend, when i saw her entering his house i got really angry and confront the young lady which she is a born again christian, i curse him really really bad, i was so angry i felt like she was gonna interfere in our relationship, him and I had some horrible arguments it was dreadful i felt so Ashamed of myself, i was like how could i attack a child of God like that? the evening after he came trying to work things out and i was still angry with him and myself……that Monday evening July 8th 2013 i was in my room and i felt to the Floor crying my heart out to Jesus to please forgive i cried and screamed out to him because i was deeply hurt and deeply sorry for what i did, so i ask god for forgiveness while kneeling on the floor in my room praying and crying from my heart crying in desperation, I felt a sweet feeling came over me. and from that day i said to myself i’M GONNA give myself to the lord.

    I love this Guy and i really would like to have for my husband in the future but right now i need you to pray for me to let go of my feelings for him because the enemy is using those feelings to torment me everyday he’s in my head, a friend of mines told me that we have a soul-tie. pray for it to be broken because am fed up of thee feelings. and also pray for god to give me strength and peace in my hear and mind. thank you jackie!

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