Balm of Gilead (Part 3)

file0001692700613How do you begin to receive the healing from the Balm of Gilead? First, it is never too late to receive healing.  If your wound occurred when you were a child or if it occurred yesterday, the healing is always available to you. Once you learn how to bring yourself through the healing process you will want to make it a regular part of your life. Those who learn to quickly apply the Balm of Gilead find they no longer walk in bitterness and open wounds.

First, find a quiet spot where you will not be interrupted. Set aside about an hour of your time.  Sitting quietly begin to pour out your painful memories, words spoken about you or to you and any other details of how you have been hurt.  Let the tears flow.  This is your healing time. Placing your hand on your heart pray “Lord I am asking the Balm of Gilead to go into the deepest recesses of my heart and begin to heal my emotional wounds, heartaches, pains and hurts. Touch every part of me that has been hurt by ______  “ (You can interject the person’s name who hurt you or add any details involved with your wound ).  Continue to sit quietly as long as necessary until you feel a peace come upon you.  Some individuals feel a warmth filling their heart. Don’t seek it, but if it happens know that it is just God gently assuring you of His healing process and love for you.  

When you are ready place your hand upon your forehead. Pray “Lord, I now ask that you touch and heal my memories of what happened when ______ (pour out any details or remembrances of when you were hurt and by whom ).  As you heal me  I ask that you do not allow those memories to torment or wound me any longer.” Remain quiet.  Let God do His healing work.  In the days ahead you will see the manifestation of the healing process in a more peaceful countenance and less troubled thoughts. There may be times you may need to bring yourself through healing for that same situation on several occasions.  That’s ok.  

Some healing takes longer than others.

Know this, once you become comfortable praying the Balm of Gilead over yourself it should be a regular part of your life.

I often have to pray it daily. LIFE HURTS.  People hurt us.  We need continual healing.

Beloved, begin to live in the healing  – no longer in the hurting.

2 thoughts on “Balm of Gilead (Part 3)

    • Greg, when this happens it means that you need personal inner-healing. Please consider attending our free conference in November – Wounds of the Heart – this will give you more in depth information and an opportunity for personal prayer from a team member.

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