There is a Time to Move On

“After these things he left Athens and went to  Corinth.” Acts 18:1

This verse tells us that in the midst of Paul’s missionary journeys he came to Athens and though he certainly could have stayed longer and accomplished more, it was time to move on.

Are you where you are supposed to be?



Up until October 2010, I had a wonderful position working for a Methodist Church.  Though I am not Methodist, I was hired to revamp the church and bring in new families.  It was the best pay I had ever received and it was dynamically challenging. When October came God spoke to me and said my season there was done.  I was to go into full-time ministry as a writer and conference speaker.  I packed  up and left.

Paul knew when it was time to go. There was work to be done elsewhere.

One of  the biggest problems I have found is that believers are often out of touch when to go and when to stay.  It is critically important to be very in-tune to the seasons that God has for your life.  Without that, there is a lot of confusion and missed opportunities.

There is a season to go and there is a season to stay. Only you, through prayer, fasting and being still can learn to discern the voice of God.

Are you where you need to be?

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