Where do you feel weak?  What is that area of your life where you are feeling inept? Throughout time the strong, the talented, the brilliant, the beautiful, are considered the favored ones.  This is not how God sees it.  When the apostle Paul was given a thorn in his flesh we know it caused him a tremendous amount of pain, either physical or psychological.  It was so bad that it actually weakened him.


He cried out to God three times for it to be removed.  God responded:

 “My grace is sufficient for you – for power is perfected in weakness.”  2 Cor. 12:9

What God is saying is that in our inabilities, our lack, our destituteness, our insufficiency, our feebleness, our pain and even our sickness His power and glory will be  perfected if we just allow Him.

Oh, there are a lot of believers who suffer but God never gets the power or the glory. They become angry, bitter https://jackieosinski.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/bitterness/ and distant towards God.  There is something powerful and supernatural about relinquishing control over to God.  Does that mean that you stop trying to be healed, or stop praying for change, or stop hoping?  Not necessarily.

I spoke at a conference.  At the end of the conference a sweet old man came and asked me if I would pray for God to heal his arthritis. He told me that he had asked many people to pray for him , to no avail.  I told him:

 “I don’t believe that it is God’s will for you to be healed.  He just wants you to know He will give you the grace to endure it.  Be at peace.”

What did this old man do? He leaped for joy. He got it.  There is power in weakness, there is even joy.  I know, I have lived there many years.

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