Wise Choices in Life

“A good understanding have all those who do His commandment” Ps. 111:10


You and I – our relationships, careers, finances and situations are where we are today, because of choices we have made along the way. Some good some bad.  Some decisions we wish we never made, some decisions we might be pretty proud of.

One thing I can tell you,  if I could sell you a product that would guarantee that you would drastically lower the percentage of major mistakes in your life, I bet you would buy it.  I bet I would have a line outside my house. I do have a product …. it is called the Word of God.  This psalm is telling us right now that we grow in understanding and wisdom the more we are in God’s Word.

But it is not enough to read it, you must study it, memorize it, consume it. Then you will gain wisdom, knowledge and good understanding. Are you in God’s Word on a daily basis? Over the 32 years I have been serving Christ, I can always see a direct correlation between things going right in my life (right decisions) and the amount of time I spend in the Word of God.

Are you ready for a turn around?  Are you ready to see everything going right, instead of wrong?  Are you ready to start making wise decisions?

Immerse yourself in the Word of God and you will find that secret product you have been looking for – wisdom.

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