You Don’t have the Power to Forgive

I have been hurt, offended, betrayed, falsely accused, slandered and hated. But there is one relative who has hurt me over and over for 28 years. This person has gone out of their way to be sure to purposely wound me. I will often wake up in the morning and her actions and words will be the first thing on my mind.  I can be busy throughout the day and I will clearly hear her voice piercing my brain with her hateful words.


Forgiving is an ongoing battle.  Several years ago when I was in the midst of trying to forgive and having little success God spoke to me. “YOU DON’T HAVE THE POWER TO FORGIVE.  It must be Me forgiving that person through you.” It was then that I saw it clearly, I don’t have the capability to forgive anyone.  I can’t work this thing up. All that I can pray is Lord I cannot forgive _____.  She has wounded me too deeply.  But I will be a vessel of your forgiveness. I allow YOU to forgive her through me.”

 The first time that I prayed that way I felt a tremendous release.  I kept praying it each time the hurt and offense would come to my mind.  

For some people I have had to pray it for years.  That is okay. We are not big enough to forgive.

Jesus said in Jn. 16:13 “He, the Holy Spirit, will lead you into all truth.” That means every area of our lives should be Spirit led – even forgiveness. Once we get ahold of this we will stop working and tormenting ourselves with trying to forgive others.

Forgiveness is impossible apart from the power of the Holy Spirit. When you get ahold of this and begin to pray in this way you will find what I did, a tremendous peace and a great rest.

Who has hurt you?

Who has wounded you?

Who are you struggling to forgive?

You cannot do it. You are not big enough or powerful enough.  It must be God forgiving that person through you. Choose to let that person go, choose to allow the Holy Spirit to forgive through you.


If you are struggling with forgiveness I encourage you to read Armor of God  and Balm of Gilead

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