Am I Smarter than a Fly?

You smile and say “Well, I hope so!” But if I am then why is it so difficult for me to kill a fly in my own home?  Perhaps we are not as smart as we like to think. Sometimes I will chase a fly for days that has entered my home.  Though he is a small, hideous creature and his brain would probably be barely detectable under a microscope – he stills has enough reason in him to evade me.


So who is smarter, the fly or me?  Perhaps I am smarter – but he is craftier. Who is that person that is beneath you?  Whom do you look down upon?  The really obese person that you work with?  The ugly girl with crooked teeth? The rejected man who is divorced?  The single parent who just can’t fit into social settings?  The person who is not quite as intelligent than you?

Please remember the fly.  Even in his ugly little body he carries enough intelligence to perplex a reasonably intelligent adult. We may all be different but the bible says we are all created in the image of God.  There is something in each person that is God-given – a uniqueness that neither you nor I can replicate. So who is smarter, me or the fly?

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