Are You LAZY?

Here is my first question to you: How much tv, movies and youtube do you like to watch?  How much time do you spend just browsing the computer? How many hours of online games do you play? How much do you like to sleep in?  How difficult is it for you to keep commitments? Do you find yourself running late to appointments? Are you unmotivated?  


You may be a lazy person.

The dictionary says laziness is “not wanting to exercise or work, sluggish, idle.”  I would extend that definition to “having an uncaring attitude.”

There is an old proverb that says “If wishes were horses – beggars would ride.”  

What have you been wishing that you could get done, but haven’t put forth any effort to try to accomplish?

Getting a job?

losing weight?


ending a relationship?

writing a letter?

learning a new language?

fixing up your house?

completing a project?

getting a degree?

Where you are tomorrow will be the result of what actions that you take today.

Let’s pray. “Dear Lord, please show me if I am lazy.  The bible says that laziness is sin.  Please forgive me.  Give me the gumption, fortitude, drive, desire  and energy to get up and start doing what I should be doing.” In Jesus name we pray.  amen

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