Are you Salty?

“You are the salt of the earth.” Mat. 5:13

Jesus was speaking to His disciples.  Some things are for private conversations. This was one of those times.  So if you have made Jesus Lord of your life – this one is for you.  What was Jesus saying? Let’s look at salt.  Salt is a mineral. It is so highly important that without it we couldn’t survive. The word “Salary” comes from the latin word “salarium” which refers to money paid Roman soldiers to purchase salt.


The word “salad” is a latin word meaning “salted” and it comes from the ancient Roman practice of salting leaf vegetables. Salt or sodium chloride, is responsible for the salinity in the ocean and pays a part in the formation of clouds.  

Salt affects our weather, our land, our bodies, our homes, our cars, our vegetation, our cattle and every aspect of life.  Apart from salt we cannot live. Salt preserves, protects, changes elements, cleanses, corrodes, flavors and enhances.

Get too little of it and it can kill you.

Get too much of it and it can kill you.  

Jesus was saying, “You should have a dynamic effect on everything and everyone around you.”

We are to be in the world bringing hope, healing and power into every situation we encounter and every person that we meet.  But how do we do that? Sprinkle Christ wherever you go.  Always let His presence be known to a lost and dying world.  Love the unloveable.  Visit orphans.  Care for widows. Show all the fruit and love of  1 Cor. 13.  Go the extra mile.  

Smile when others are hateful to you.

Lay your life down for your wife, children, husband, neighbors, friends, strangers.  Die to your dreams that Christ might live through you


Live your life as if it were your last day on this earth.  SPRINKLE THE LOVE AND PASSION OF CHRIST EVERYWHERE YOU ARE.

Friend, the only way that you and I can do it is – WE CAN’T.   You see it must be Christ living through you.  You don’t have the power, the will or the fortitude to serve and love others the way Christ really wants you to.  So each day pray “Lord, I want to be salt today.  Live your life through me.  Help me to sprinkle you everywhere I go.”

There is a reason that Jesus said that we are salt. Now go out and become the salt that preserves the ministry of Christ, one person at a time.

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