Discouragement and FEAR

Those two go hand in hand.  Discouragement and Fear are two of the greatest obstacles to completing God’s will for your life.

My daughter Nicky was 20 years old and she wanted to travel across Europe by herself.  Several relatives tried to stop her.  One even sent her the movie Taken. She had to fight to fulfill her dreams. She didn’t go blindly.  She prepared, she planned and she stayed safe.

Then it was time for her to go to Morocco.  This is a Muslim Nation. Once again she was warned not to go.  Fear wanted to stop her. A Christian in a Muslim nation is not warmly welcomed.


She fought the fear and went.  

All her travels were wonderful. She had some amazing adventures. She overcame the fear that wanted to immobilize her.

If you are trying to do God’s work you can expect opposition.  Unbelievers and demonic spirits are always working against God and His people.

They will try to intimidate you, discourage you or accuse you unjustly.  If you expect these tactics you won’t be halted by them.

Move ahead with the work God has planned for you and trust Him to show you how to overcome obstacles.

I encourage you to read the teaching Armor of God to encourage you to warfare against fear and lead an overcoming life. https://jackieosinski.wordpress.com/category/armor-of-god/page/3/



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