Do You Know Your Purpose on this Earth?

How many times I have asked myself that question.  When I’ve been out of work, when I’ve has no ministry, when my kids were off at college, when my life seemed purposeless – I’ve asked why I am on this earth.  In the middle of a cold winters day I found the answer I had been searching for. I was in the midst of a very purposeless time in my life.  I felt that my life wasn’t adding up to all the dreams and desires that were burning in my heart.  I was without work or ministry.  “Dear God, show me the reason  you put me here on this earth!” Here is the verse that I found which revolutionized my life –




That wraps it all up.

You see one day we will all give account of all that we have done here on earth.  God won’t be interested if we made a lot of money, if we had successful careers, if we were popular or even if we ended up being famous.  All that God is going to ask when you stand before Him is “DID YOU DO MY WILL?”

So you see if you make it your aim each day to be pleasing to God then you can be secure that you are right with God.

What is God’s will?  

You have to figure that out!  That is why God gave us the bible, so that we can read it and discover His will and what pleases Him.

I will tell you the first step, You must be born again. Unless you make Jesus Lord of your life you will be cast into hell forever.  How do you do that?

Choose to trust Him with your life, relinquish control. Become as a little child trusting your heavenly Father to lead and guide you in all that you do.  That is the only way you can have absolute certainty that you will spend eternity in heaven – there is no other way.  Would you like to do that? Then say this simple prayer with me

“Dear Lord, I acknowledge that I am a sinner.  Please forgive me of all of my sins.  I thank you that Jesus paid the price on the cross for my sins. I choose to give you my life.  Please  come into my heart and make me brand new – born again. Fill me with the Holy Spirit that I will have power to live my life for you. Lead me and guide me in all that I do.  Each day make me more of the man/woman that you created me to be. “  In Jesus name I pray.  amen

If you prayed that prayer and truly meant it then the bible says you can now say you are a Christian and part of the family of God.  Read a short verse of the bible each day beginning in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

Find a group of believers that you can pray and share with.

Now you have taken the first step in finding why you were put on this earth.

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