What you put your time, thoughts and actions into will determine the amount of energy that you have. When your time is spent on seeking money, success, materialism and worldly pleasures then your energy is poured into the world’s system.  When your time and energy is spent on your looks, your weight and your body, then your energy is given to building up yourself.

When you pour your energy into giving yourself to others by serving, loving, encouraging and fulfilling God’s commission, you have then released energy into God’s kingdom.  God gives exponentially back into your life. Here is the question that every health show is trying to answer – How do you get more energy? For many years I was the classic case of perpetual tiredness.


I had all sorts of health issues that kept me from having the strength and energy I needed to live my life.  I determined in my heart that I would continue to be faithful to pour my energy into doing God’s will. The first thing I decided to do was to stop complaining about my tiredness!  What you confess is what you possess! The next thing I decided was that I was going to relentlessly search for ways to solve my health issues without making it an idol. You see you can make yourself and your health an idol.  

I have relatives that all they talk about is how much they exercise, how good they eat, how much weight they lose.  That is idolatry. I have kept pursuing God’s will, God’s path and God’s direction while being  diligent to resolve my health issues.  Here I am two years later and I can honestly say that at age 51 I have more energy than when I was 30.  

I feel like superwoman.  I truly feel there is nothing that I cannot do – physically or spiritually.

What is your energy level?  Are you always tired?  Do you often feel drained? First, assess what you are pouring your energy into. Perhaps all your worries and cares are sucking the life out of you. Perhaps you are seeking to resolve financial issues. Here is what God’s Word says about receiving the energy you need for life:

“Seek first God’s kingdom and the things that  you have need of will be added to  you.”(Mat. 6:33)  

Put God first above all things. Start a new journey of discovery with God.  Find out why He put you here on this earth. Then begin to pursue His will for your life.  There is all the energy of God waiting to be poured out on you.  You just need to make a change of direction and determine that you won’t stop seeking God until you get what you came for. He is waiting for you.

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