Fasting with a Right Heart

file000667672548“Why have we fasted and You do not see?” Isaiah 58:3  Do you ever feel that God just isn’t listening when you pray?  Do you feel that you are praying the same things over and over to no avail?  That is what the  Nation of Judah felt like. They prayed and fasted yet there was no answer to prayer.

The first thing God addresses in  Isaiah 58:3-7 is attitude. When we come to God the first thing that we need to search out is what is our motivation behind our fasting.  The first thing God requires is a contrite heart.  Not just seeking your will – but His. As you begin your fast ask God to reveal sin in your life.  SIN HIDES. Only God can reveal our wrong actions and motives.  As He reveals, repent.

After you repent pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to not return to the sin. Isaiah 58:6 tells us that God wants you to be completely set free from all oppression and bondage in your life. We experience this when we are under the control of others, in the wrong  job, in wrong relationships. God wants to free you from all chains of bondage.

When you have truly poured out your heart to God, repented of your sins, sought God will all you have, fasted and prayed yet you have not seen your prayers answered what do you do? YOU STAND. You have done the spiritual work now stand in faith that God is working out this situation. Trust that He is turning this situation around. STAY IN PURITY. WALK IN PURITY. Live the fast – in other words – keep living the fast on a daily basis by right living, right  thinking and right heart motives.

You don’t fast then go back to wrongful living, you fast to purify yourself that your life is never the same, that your life is holy unto God that you might ALWAYS walk in His favor.

If a long season goes by and nothing seems to be changing move into Spiritual Warfare. Read all my post under Spiritual Warfare Category. 

If God chooses to not answer your prayer there is a reason. Sometimes it is due to the timing of prayer. It may simply mean that moment is not the right time for Him to bring about the answer. It may also mean the prayer will be answered in a way different from what you are praying. how to hear from god mountain streams healing center how to hear from god mountain streams healing center how to hear from god mountain streams healing center Get a Word on your situation 

“Holy Spirit today show us sin in our lives.  Give us the humility to acknowledge it and to repent.  Give us humble hearts to know your will. Today begin to show us all bondages in our lives.”  In Jesus name we pray.  amen

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