Fear is Kinda like Hunger


That is the conclusion I came to yesterday. Something changed inside of me. The fear that I have had to battle daily, was no longer pursuing me like before. I had recently heard someone say “Fear is always there.” That really hit me.

You see, I have always taught that you must completely eradicate fear from your life.  So then we continually are working through the spiritual battle to not allow this “fear” into our lives.  When I saw that fear is just a fact of life, I realized that it will always be there, like hunger.  


We all deal with hunger every day.  Yet we know we must never allow it to control us.  We don’t rebuke the hunger.  We don’t eradicate the hunger.  We don’t run from the hunger.  We just see hunger as a fact of life.  We control it, it does not control us. I think that I was spending too much time and energy trying to get rid of something that will always be there.

I see it as a rock on my days journey.  It is there.  It could cause me to stumble. Someone could pick it up and throw it at me causing me much harm. I choose to see the rock, walk around it and know that it has no power over me.  WHAT DO YOU FEAR?  WHAT TROUBLES YOU?  It is there, but it has no power over you.  It is just a rock.  Stop running from a rock! skip over it!

“Heavenly Father, the fears we struggle with are very real.  But they are just a rock in our lives.  You said that  Jesus overcame all fear so that we no longer have to be troubled by it.  We accept His work on the cross so that we can walk in peace and joy. Let us have fun today skipping over rocks.”  In Jesus name we pray.  amen

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