It was 6:30 this morning and I had to pick up a few items at Walmart before the big fourth of July rush got there.  As I was checking out I asked the register lady what time she had gotten there.  She went on to tell me that she works the 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. shift.  I asked her if she had any kids.  She said she has one son, Frankie who is 20.


“He is wheelchair bound and there are only about 2 things that he can do for himself.” she went on to explain.   “One is to hold a cup.  Frankie has cerebral palsy.” Her voice was tired and her eyes showed heartache as they welled up with tears.  As she was speaking I was praying.  Something powerful rose up inside of me.

The Holy Spirit was speaking to me  “I have a plan for this young man’s life. His life is not over. It is just beginning.”

“God has a plan for Frankie’s life.” I said to her.

Then I asked her if we could take a minute to pray. She said that would be fine.  There, at Wal-Mart, stood two moms, praying for a young man who has had no purpose for his life.  As we prayed something supernatural transpired. The presence of Jesus was very real.  Where there once was no hope, faith now filled this mom.  Where there was despair, courage came.  Where there was weariness, strength filled her.  

“Precious Jesus, we all have situations that seems hopeless. We remind ourselves that your love is so much more powerful than our difficult situations.  Fill us with faith to once again believe that you are more than able to redeem, encourage, strengthen and fill each of us. Lord, today remember Frankie and each person that has felt purposeless. Remind us that you do have a purpose for each of our lives.” In Jesus name we pray.  amen

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