“God, make me like CRABGRASS”

That’s what I prayed yesterday while mowing the lawn.

Crabgrass has invaded Southern Indiana.  It is thick and hardy.  We have had intense heat all summer and it has started killing the good grass.  But the crabgrass thrives on adverse circumstances.  When there is no moisture in the air it pulls in the humidity that permeates in the night hours.  Now the crabgrass has overtaken our lawns.


We can’t stop it.  

We can’t control it.  

It grows and grows no matter what we do to it.  

What about you and me? When things get really difficult we want to quit  https://jackieosinski.wordpress.com/category/discouragement/page/4/

We get tired, discouraged, hopeless and fall to despair.  God wants our hearts, minds and spirits so in tune to the power and will of God that when things get tougher so do we.

Will you pray with me?

Lord, you know what I am going through.  You know all my cares, heartaches and concerns.  Right now I choose to cast all my cares on You.  You will take care of them.  You are a big God.  You are bigger than what I am  going through. Today I ask you to make me like crab grass – strong, powerful, resilient and thriving in the midst of adversity.  When it feels driest and most difficult, help me to pull from the moisture of your presence and replenish me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit today that my life may glorify you.”    amen

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