He is So Beautiful

Once again that is what I have discovered on my 40 day media fast.  He is so beautiful.

The t.v,  movies and all the other “head junk” was taking up my time.  With so much more time on my hands I can once again see how beautiful my Lord and Savior is.  Let me tell you.  If Satan can’t stop you from serving Christ, he will keep you glued to the TV so that at least you will be powerless.


We say we are Christians, we say we want change, we say we want to see a move of God, but it will never happen when we are full of the world’s trash.  We are too weak.  We have been living on a diet of trash TV, trash news, trash music and trash celebrity information. Stuff like that drains our God given power.

Satan loves it when all you do is sit in front of  a flat screen TV – YOU BECOME PURPOSELESS!

What have you been dreaming that you wish you could do?  What will you regret if you aren’t able to accomplish this one thing?

Take the challenge.  Get off of all t.v., movies and newspapers for 30 days.

I promise you that something amazing will happen in your life.  

It has in mine.

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