I am Ashamed of the Gospel

Now why would I say a thing like that?  Because it is true.  Actions speak louder than WORDS.

I receive the free monthly newsletter Voice of the Martyrs.  Yesterday I was reading about an anonymous  Christian who lives in a Muslim Country. He  flies to the annual pilgrimage in Mecca and shares Christ with Muslims. As thousands walk around the Kaaba he will ask a man walking next to him if he can pray for him in the name of Jesus. He risks horrible tortures and even death for sharing Christ with Muslims.  Yet he continues to share the gospel.



Many foreign workers refer to Saudi Arabia as hell – Not because of the weather but due to the intense anti-Christian climate.  Foreign Christians are often beaten, imprisoned and expelled. Yet they continue to share the gospel.

David and Leah Ortiz left the comfort of the United States to share Christ with Jews and muslims in Israel.  Amidst constant threats they have continued to be faithful to their calling. 

Their teenage son Ami suffered a bomb blast intended for his father.  The impact destroyed the apartment he was at.  He has suffered 14 surgeries and a mutilated body. He lives with at least 100 shards of metal and glass in his body and eyes.  Yet they continue to share the gospel.

So you see, I am ashamed of the gospel.  Because I want you to like me, because  I don’t want to lose any more friends, because I don’t want my children to suffer, because I want to live a safe christian life.

Now I see there is no such thing.

One thought on “I am Ashamed of the Gospel

  1. Hi Jackie,

    I wanted to thank you for posting this. I was watching a clip on youtube of a guy who did some “cold call” evangelism by walking up to strangers and talking with them. I myself have done that many a time, yet when I watched it, I felt tempted to turn it off because the butterflies were all in my stomach… just from watching him. I felt awkward and nervous…just watching the video.

    Then the thought “I am ashamed of the gospel” came in my mind. So I googled the phrase and found your post. What a great reminder and perspective keeper this post was. Thanks again.

    — Aubrey.

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