I Found God in a Piece of Paper

I know that is sounds crazy, but it’s true. The bible tells believers that God will never leave us or forsake us, I know that and I believe that.  But I needed to feel that God was right there with me. You see it was a few years ago that I was going to have to face some difficult situations.  There were several frightening events that I was going to have to go through and I was really nervous.  “If I could just really know that God’s presence is truly with me, I would have peace” I kept thinking.


Then just before I had to go into surgery, I found a small scrap piece of paper and stuck it in my pocket.  “This paper represents God’s presence.  He is really here with me, in my pocket.” I kept saying.  While I would hold the piece of paper I would find a great sense of joy and peace.  

“It’s all going to be okay, because you literally are holding onto God.”

That surgery went well and I continued to use the same tactic each time I was faced with adversity or a difficult situation.

Once I didn’t have any paper and I found a piece of lint.  God’s presence was in the lint!  You see our God loves us so much He doesn’t mind if we put Him in a piece of paper or lint, all that matters to Him is that we are cognizant of the fact that HE IS PRESENT WITH US. Any symbol of His presence can work – a stick, a rock, a feather.  HE DOES NOT WANT US TO FEEL ALONE, TO WALK ALONE, OR TO GO THROUGH TRIALS ALONE. Some may say this is childish.  Yes, I agree it is childish. But God likes it when we are totally dependent on Him, just like a child.

What are you going to have to face that you will need God’s very presence? Put Him into something very real and find that you can hold onto Him all day long.

I want to encourage you to read the post The Armor of God to teach you about your authority in Christ and how to lead an overcoming life.

2 thoughts on “I Found God in a Piece of Paper

  1. This really spoke to me and almost brought tears to my eyes. This isn’t childish at all; I too have something to remind me of God’s presence but I forgot why I put it there. I have a chair in my room that’s there to remind me that God’s sitting in my room waiting for me..how easily we forget!

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