I Saw Satan

I saw him clearly in a dream. He was sitting on the back of an old pickup truck. His face was colorless, long and thin.  His eyes were dead of color, like old stainless steel. He had no expression.  The truck was sitting in the back parking lot of the church in Florida that I was attending.  His sat directly in front of the building where I taught children’s church. His eyes were fixed on the empty church. Not a single car or person was around, just him.


As I approached him I said “Who are you and what are you doing here?” He just stared straight ahead at the church.  In his hand he held a small but thick book. In that instant I knew what the book contained. It had the name of every young Christian boy and girl.  It had your name and my name in it.  Beside their name was SATAN’S PLAN FOR THEIR LIFE.  


I saw all of this supernatural information in an instant.

I said to him “I know who you are and I know what you are doing here.”  He never spoke. Only stared straight ahead.

Then I awoke.

You are fulfilling  someone’s plan for your life today – either Satan’s or God’s. Whose is it? You may die in your sleep tonight  –  you can’t promise me you won’t. My husband knew two people who died instantly and tragically just this week alone. You or I do not  know when our last seconds on this earth will be.

What are your plans and vision for your children? If you don’t have one Satan does. Satan loves when parents have no direction for their children – that way his plan can be fulfilled. Ask God to show you what the Divine Destiny for your children is – then begin to fast and pray to implement it. Do whatever it takes to see that your children fulfill God’s divine plan for their lives. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure it happens.

Take time right now to pray and ask the Lord to show you any area of your life that is not pleasing to Him. Repent of any sins. Get right with God. This could be your last day on earth.

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