what is the Church ?

file000686789811What do you believe the church is?  I was at a party Saturday and I met a young Baptist Pastor.  He really got in my face. He asked if I attended a church, I said “I have a small group of people that I fellowship with.”  He said “That is NOT A CHURCH!”

He said a church must be a “structured setting” with certain sacraments and rituals.

I said “The early church began in the home.  A church is not about what a building looks like, it is the people joined together for fellowship, prayer and worship.”

He said “No! that is not a church. If that were so then we could call this group of people a church.”

I said “Yes, we could call it one if they were here to read the Word and fellowship.”

Well he continued to be ugly and in my face.

I finally said “There are those in China, part of the underground church, they meet in the woods or in a living room, that is a church.  You don’t have to have a large building or a steeple to call a gathering a church. Church is THE PEOPLE NOT THE BUILDING!”

HE WAS ALMOST IRATE AT THIS POINT. He could not stop spewing religious dogma at me.

Finally I said “The Word says Believers are not to argue.” With that I politely excused myself and we left the party.

WHAT IS THE CHURCH? It simply is believers in Christ gathered to fellowship, grow in God’s Word and pray in unity. It is simply people.

2 thoughts on “what is the Church ?

    • He was so infuriated with me that when I finally said “The Word tells us that we are not to argue and I am not going to stand here and argue with you.” that he just stomped off. He had a religious spirit all over him…. and he’s a youth pastor! Wow! he is really gonna attract a lot of college kids that way!

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