Join Me on a 40 Day Media Fast

I believe this: Prayer touches the heart of God, Fasting and Prayer Moves the heart of God.

I have been fasting for 32 years.  Every major miracle in my life came as a result of prayer and fasting.  Most people think that you have to fast food – not true. You can fast anything that will cause you to give up something vitally important in your life.


I have fasted sugar, food, meat, TV, books, newspapers, wearing make-up and many other things. There is so much power and so many promises when we fast that the bible dedicated an entire chapter to fasting – Isaiah 58. Tomorrow I will begin a series on prayer and fasting. I will share several of the miracles that occurred due to fasting. I will explain that God will only answer our fast when we have met certain requirements and certain heart attitudes.  I will share all that I have learned over the 32 years.

But today, I would like you to consider joining me on a Media Fast. That means no TV, radio, Facebook, computer, computer games, movies, magazines, books or newspaper, etc.

Do you really want answers to prayer in your life or do you just say so? I am desperately in need of answers to prayer so I will be on this media fast for 40 days, until the end of August. What will I read? Only the bible and bible based books. My mind needs to be able to hear God’s voice and to know what decisions to make. I need prayers answered.

When our minds are full of the world’s media we get brain clutter.  God wants to speak to you and me, He can’t break through the clutter in our brains.

Will you join me? Let’s begin to get off the stuff that is keeping us from hearing God.  Let’s see our prayers finally answered.

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