It was 1979 and I was visiting my sister in Deland, Florida.  I sat down to read the morning paper and saw the headline Human Bones Found in Basement. Immediately the Holy Spirit told me –

“Don’t read this.”

“It’ll be interesting.” I thought.  I read a few lines about Satanic Activity in a nearby town.  Once again, but more urgently the Holy Spirit said “Don’t read this.” I refused to listen.  Now the article was getting good.  “What harm could come from just reading an article?” I thought.

The article gave detailed accounts of findings in a basement –  Satanice rituals, chains, human sacrifice and bones being found. By the time I was done with the article something strange happened.  


I began to hear many voices in my head. They were all talking at once. I thought it was really strange and figured it would eventually go away.  But the voices continued.  It sounded like an auditorium full of hundreds of people all talking at once. This went on for hours.

That night I was getting ready for bed.  I lay quietly.  Now the voices were getting louder.  

I prayed “Lord, what has happened to me?”

Very clearly the Lord said “You have opened yourself up for demonic activity by reading about the occult and their practices.” Now I was terrified.

I took authority and said very firmly to the demons “What is your name?”

I clearly heard “Legion.”

I knew that in the Roman army a legion represented 3000 – 6000 Roman soldiers.

I said “Legion, in the name of Jesus leave me now.” I began to feel a strong force from the soles of my feet and through my legs begin to move up my body.  I began to pass out. I was terrified.” I called my church. They prayed for quite a while.  When they called me back they said they felt that I would be fine and that the demonic force had left.  I had an immediate peace.  The voices never returned.    

Remember, everything that you see becomes a part of you.

Beware, every movie, every book, every tv show has some direct effect on you. The effects may not be as dramatic or as visible as mine were, but eventually you will find it has impacted your life – and usually not for the good.

What have you seen lately that you know you shouldn’t have been looking at?

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