Lighten Up

I made a mistake this week (what else is new!).  I took a situation too seriously. I became upset over a trivial matter. By the time I confronted a person and they confronted another, it all turned into a big mess.  A very wise person named King Solomon said

“Don’t take so seriously all the words which are spoken.”


When I read that this morning I realized it’s time to lighten up.  We live in a society that likes to confront every situation and those who oppose or hurt us.  We live in a society that tells us “Don’t let anyone push you around.” If you are confident in who you are in Christ then stuff will happen and you will just learn to get over it. “A wise man ignores an insult.”  

Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

Our society loves drama.  What a waste of time! Life is so much better when you mind your own business and try to keep things less complicated – like not being easily offended. Here is my new rule.  If someone has offended or hurt me or my family, I will wait 24 hours before I say anything.  Often, by then the whole matter has died down.

Confronting others and dealing with people is important and we should all do it graciously and in love.  But lets learn what is water under the bridge and what is a tsunami.  There is a big difference between the two.

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