Squeeze the Fruit


I was recently considering the fruit of the Holy Spirit and how much I was lacking joy.  

How do you get joy? where does it come from? If you have gone through painful journeys then joy is often dried up.  I was pondering all of this when the Holy Spirit spoke to me.

“You have the Holy Spirit within you, therefore all the fruit of the Holy Spirit is within you – IT JUST NEEDS TO BE SQUEEZED OUT!

So that’s how I began to pray – “Lord, begin to squeeze the joy out of me.”

Within a few days I was getting ready to teach Sunday Fellowship.  Michael turned to me and said

“The Lord told me to tell you ‘Preach, don’t teach’.”

I became very upset.  I had already been questioning everything about the ministry and now I was being told how to conduct the morning fellowship https://jackieosinski.wordpress.com/category/love-2/

“Maybe everyone is trying to tell me that I am a horrible preacher.  Maybe I have totally missed my calling.”

I was distraught.  This went of for several hours. Then something miraculous happened.  A tremendous sense of peace came over me.  My thinking changed –

“God is desiring me to be broken because that is how He can better use me.”

That morning I did just what Michael said, I preached and totally forgot about teaching. God moved in a great way. Lives were changed.  A woman was healed of a debilitating disease. Then as I was driving home I felt something that I hadn’t experienced in a long time – joy. Lots of Joy.

It was then that I saw that it had to be squeezed out of me through a painful testing.  Look at the list of fruit in Galatians 5:22 & 23. Which are you lacking in?

Do you need more kindness? gentleness? peace?

Pick one or two that you are dried up in and then begin to pray “Lord, begin to squeeze the fruit.”

God will be faithful to supply.

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