Push Mower

That is what we have – a push mower. Not the self-propelled kind either.  We have just under three-quarters of an acre to mow. In the middle of summer it can be most difficult.

We have had a scorching summer. Temperatures have risen over 100 degrees. The other day it had reached about 105 degrees.  I was out there mowing the lawn. The lawn was so high that for several hours I would go about two feet and the mower would stop because it kept clogging.


I started getting really mad. Every twenty minutes I had to sit down and drink water. I felt like I was getting nowhere. When I reached our steep hill I still had about two more hours of mowing. Now this was my third day of mowing. That’s how long it can take me to get the lawn done. I was getting so mad that I knew it I was about to cross the line and then I’d have to repent.

Reluctantly I started praising God that I was miserable, hot and exhausted.  I kept forcing myself to give thanks.  I thanked God for the push mower.  I thanked God that I was exhausted.   I just kept praising God. Several hours later I finally had the lawn completely done.

When I got on the scale the next morning I had lost several pounds.

I had been praying to lose weight and had really been struggling.  My answer to prayer came in a package I did not recognize – a push mower.

What have you been complaining about? What have you been grumbling about? Start praising God, regardless of how you feel.

God can always  turn a burden into a blessing.

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