Stand FIRM

“Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like MEN, be strong.” 1 Cor. 16:13

If you have a roof over your head, something to eat and something to wear then the word to you and me is STOP WHINING! So many of us are so blessed with excess blessings that we are always expecting life to be perfect.

Satan loves us to be dissatisfied. Then he has an open door to come in and stir us up to complain, whine and have self-pity.



We are in a battle.  We are fighting against a brilliant strategist who knows your fears, weaknesses and  insecurities.  He wants to bring you down so that you will be no good to yourself or anyone else. We must be Alert each time we get thinking too much about ourselves and OUR problems.  When we are  consumed with what we don’t have we can’t give thanks for what we do have.

The days are getting darker. Standing firm in your faith is a daily choice.  It is a conscientious decision to focus more on what God says than what the world around me is conveying, i.e. disasters, economic collapse, catastrophes, etc.

Finally we are told to act like men.  Take responsibility for your actions. When you have messed up, admit it. Stop spending money foolishly.  Do whatever it takes to overcome bad habits.  Get off the couch and get in shape.  Discipline yourself.  Fast for 3 days in a row and experience what the rest of the world lives on a daily basis.

It’s time that the men and women of God start to straighten up and look like an army and not a club. We are in a war for the souls of humanity. Let’s begin to play the part.

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