The Last Words You Will Speak on Your Deathbed


Here are actual quotes spoken just before these people died:

“I’ll finally get to see Marilyn.” Joe DiMaggio talking about his ex-wife Marilyn Monroe, as he lay dying.

“What a pity that we can die but once to serve out country.” Nathan Hale, US Nationalist hanged as a spy by the British.

“Goodbye kid. Hurry back.” Humphrey Bogart’s last words to his wife Lauren Bacall.

“I’m shot, I’m shot.” John Lennon after he was shot outside his New York apartment.

“I’m going to the can, Ginger.” Elvis Presley’s last words to his girlfriend.  

“Damn it ….Don’t you dare ask God to help me.” Joan Crawford spoke these final words to her housekeeper who had begun to pray for her.

“Hold the cross high so I may see it through the flames.”  Joan of Arc, burned at the stake by English troops in France.

“I’ll be in hell before you’ve finished  breakfast boys …let her rip!”  Black Jack Ketchum, bank robber and murder, executed by hanging.

One day you and I will utter our final words.  We will all spend eternity in either heaven or hell.  Today you have a choice. Today is a new beginning.  No matter what you have done or how great your sin, God is always waiting to forgive and receive you.  Why wait for your deathbed?

Today is the day to get right with God and know that you are at peace with Him.

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