If you have ever had tormenting thoughts, you know how horrible they can be. They can last for hours or days. Where do they come from? Most are demonic. Some may stem from our subconscious.  Often times they will come from lack of sleep, hormonal disorders, sickness and stress.


The other night we had a 6 hour drive from Tennessee. We had been camping the night before and it was very hot.  We hadn’t slept for 24 hours and now we had a long, late night drive home. Within the first hour Michael was on the phone with a relative who has been very hateful to me.  Tormenting thoughts began. I could hear her voice.  I began to remember all the evil things she had done to me.  

I was physically and mentally drained.  As each hour passed more horrible thoughts began to bombard my brain: “I would rather be dead than live this life.  I am sick of the trials of life. I am tired of hateful  people. All life is pain and suffering….”  This went on for over 6 hours.  How do you battle such thoughts? One of the most powerful tools that I have found is short, repetitive prayers.  

In this prayer you acknowledge that these wrong thoughts are not of God but from Satan.  Next, you submit your mind to God.  When I follow this pattern I find that my mind can easily focus on the prayer instead of the wrong thoughts.  I pull on the same prayer each time my mind begins the wrong thoughts. Here is the simple prayer that I use and have found great success in overcoming tormenting thoughts.  

“Dear Lord, I recognize that these thoughts are not from you but from Satan.  I now choose to submit my mind to you. I rebuke all thoughts of Satan.”

That night driving back home I had a non-stop battle.  The simple repetitive prayers and a good nights rest finally gave me complete peace. Memorize this simple prayer and use it the next time you are hit with tormenting thoughts. Say it out loud, over and over until the wrong thoughts leave and  you have peace. Use it each time the wrong thoughts come. You will find that you can overcome with God’s help and power.

One thought on “OVERCOMING TORMENTING thoughts

  1. Thank you for this article. I’ve been struggling with tormenting thoughts & they have been exhausting me. I’ve prayed, rebuked, praised. This is an awful thing that seems to trigger more negative thoughts like doubting God and even doubting the existence of the spiritual realm, which leaves me feeling more tormented- as if these thoughts are mine. But the thing is, they’ve only begun since trying and choosing to live a life for God. He has been showing me that these are torments and not temptations as there is no desire in me for them- as the Word says we are tempted when we are dragged away and enticed . These thoughts are not enticing but rather horrendous things that I never ever want in my mind- causing such torment. Please pray for me to have complete freedom from this. I want to live for God, but these trials cause me to want to pull the covers over my head and not face life. I want freedom- the freedom that -what faith I can exercise- tells me is mine thanks to the high price that was paid for it.
    Thank you for your article and prayers.
    Emily Goeke

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