Which Way the Wind is Blowing

I had my first sailing lesson this week.  I loved it. Port, Starboard, jib, windward, leeward – it was a crash course in two hours.  I loved the  whole aspect of sailing. It was a really hot morning and there were white caps on the lake.  There was so much to learn in such a short amount of time. Yet one lesson stood out above the rest.

You have to know which way the wind is blowing. This is what drives the sails which drive the boat.  No matter how good of a sailor you or I are, we cannot go any further than the wind is willing to take us.  If the winds die down, we sit.

Same with life. YOU HAVE GOT TO KNOW WHICH WAY THE WINDS ARE BLOWING. Some of you have tried so hard to make something work, to change a job, to leave a relationship, to change the course of your life.  Yet, nothing worked that’s because that was not the way the wind was blowing.

How do you know there is a change in the wind? When you have done all that you can to make a change or an improvement and you are starting to lose your peace, then the winds have changed. It is time to look at your spiritual compass and pray for the right direction.

Todd, our sailing instructor said when there are no winds you only do one thing – you sit and wait. You see pulling the main sail and hoisting the jib up and down would just be a waste of time.  Yet we as believers think that being busy pleases God.  Wrong.


Being still and waiting on God means we are honoring God by waiting on His winds to once again fill our sails.


First pray and ask God to reveal to you which way the winds are blowing.  Second, when no doors seem to be opening, be still and know that God is speaking, you just need to be still enough to listen.

God has a plan for your life and mine – we just need to understand the spiritual weather.

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