Wrong Words/Bad Jokes

I recently read about a husband that was at a family party.  He cracked a joke about his sister-in-law.  He said that it was a good thing she was snatched up before he met her or he would have ended up marrying her himself.  His wife did not appreciate the joke. Her sister was very beautiful and all her life she had been compared to her.  This was now the icing on the cake.  It was only a matter of weeks before she served him divorce papers. They once had a good marriage until a thoughtless joke was said.


I have said a lot of things that have hurt others. Everyday your words either bring life or death to those around you.

Several years ago a guest was visiting a college campus.  Coming upon a tall building he noticed that there was yellow police tape around a section of the front lawn.  There was an imprint of a person in the ground.  When he asked his escort about what he was seeing he was told that just the day before a woman had jumped out of the building and killed herself.  She left a suicide note which only contained two words  “THEY SAID…”

Watch every word that you say.  Ask God to give you self-control with your mouth. Ask Him to show you when you are about to say something hurtful or foolish. Never say all that is on your mind.  “Only a fool speaks all that is on his mind.”

Recently I was very frustrated with the hospital billing department. There were ongoing problems.  When I spoke to the billing lady I became impatient and frustrated.  I wasn’t very nice.  God told me that I needed to call her and ask her forgiveness.  When I spoke to her she told me that by me calling it had made her entire day. The bible tells us that one day we will give account for all the idle words that we have spoken.

Always think before you speak.  You are impacting someone’s very life with your words.

Is there someone who you have hurt with your words recently?  Perhaps it’s time to ask for their forgiveness. Don’t wait another day.  It will change their life and yours.

“Let no unwholesome, hurtful or mean word proceed from my mouth – but only words that build people up – according to what is needed for that moment.”  ( Eph. 4:9)  amen

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