Have you been feeling obscure, insignificant, wondering if your life really matters?  Never look at yourself from the standpoint of – Who am I?  When you accept Christ into your heart with it comes a river that starts at the throne room of God and flows in and through you.  In each river there is continual life, energy, power and1387037944k3yh9 vitality.

Perhaps you feel that you have reached a place where everything is stagnant and you feel utterly useless and dried up.  You look around and others seem to have a job, career, friends, home, family, purpose.  You feel that you are of little use. Keep paying attention to the source, not the lack.  

When an obstacle develops in a river it is only a matter of time before the river pushes around it or through it.  You have had your eyes on the obstacle.  Put your trust back into the Savior from where the source begins.


The river of the Spirit of God overcomes all obstacles. Never get your eyes on the obstacle or the difficulty.  You are amazing for you are a son or daughter of the living God.  In the history of God’s work  you will find that God always began his work with the obscure, the unknown, the ignored but the steadfastly true to Christ.  

Every river that brings life to millions always begins with one drop of rain, one flake of snow.  Let them each do their work through you and in you.  Let the river flow for you are valuable, loved and worthy. 

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