I learned to type at age 47


It’s true.  I was that old when I was able to type without looking at the keys.  I was so embarrassed.  When I worked at a position that entailed typing I would have to stay late, skip lunch and work so much harder than others because what would take someone 20 minutes to type could take me an hour.  It was pretty pathetic.  Then I applied for a position at a university.  You had to pass a typing test.  At age 47 my kids were teaching me how to position my fingers and what repetitious exercises to do to type without looking.  I worked for hours – one key at a time.

Each week I retook the typing test – and failed.  But I never gave up.  It seemed like every kid in the world could type , but not me.  Yet I kept on typing, one letter, one word, one phrase at a time.  I kept taking the typing test at the university. They knew me so well I began to set up my own test area without assistance. I failed time after time after time. Sometimes just by 2 words, sometimes just by one.  I cried with frustration.  But I refused to give up.  

Then it happened.  

I went to take the test and I passed!  At age 47  I had learned to type.  By that time the position I really wanted had closed. Nonetheless, I had won a battle. When it came time to type out my book I felt a new sense of confidence.

As I write today, these very words, I rarely look at my hands, if ever.  What is it that you would love to do but feel that you are too old to try? Playing the piano? learning to paint? going back to school? dance lessons? joining a club? calling a long-lost friend? finishing a book?

What is the one thing you would do if you just had the confidence?  

“Lord, I am asking that you give my friend supernatural courage to do what is deep within their heart.  You know what they have been longing to do. Let them know it is never too late to learn a new skill or to step out into a new realm.”  In Jesus name we pray.  amen

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