30 Positive Sayings that Will Change Your LIFE


1) I am complete in Christ  

2) I am forgiven by the blood of the Lamb  

3) God loves me and has a plan for my life  

4) I am a miracle that can never be repeated  

5) I am beautiful just as I am  

6) I was created with a purpose and am a valuable person

7) I am full of energy and unlimited creativity  

8) I am responsible for everything I say, think and do

9) When I pray God hears me

10) God answers my prayers in His time  

11) God will never forsake me  

12) God is revealing His purpose in my life

13) My faith is growing greater and greater each day  

14) My value is not based on how much money I make or don’t make but by knowing I am in God’s will  

15) I motivate myself through desire, discipline and goals

16) My self-discipline today will pay off tomorrow

17) I choose to love thereby letting go of fear

18) My security is not based on how I feel but by what God says

19) The past holds no power over me

 20) God is working all things out for my good  

21) I will not allow the past to dictate my future  

22) Today I choose to not respond in anger or fear no matter what is said or done to me

23) I am loving, kind, gentle and giving  

24) Drugs, alcohol,tobacco, caffeine and food have no power over me for God has given me power over all things

25) I am a person of integrity  

26) No matter what I always keep my word  

27) God has forgiven me therefore I can forgive myself  

28) I am a faithful person

29) My aim in life is to be pleasing to God  

30) If I don’t give up I will be a success

These 30 sayings can change your life. Print them out. Say them out loud. Say them daily. Post them on your bathroom mirror where you will see them first thing in the morning. You become what you speak.  Choose today to become the man or woman God has created you to be. You will be amazed at the power in your life.

4 thoughts on “30 Positive Sayings that Will Change Your LIFE

  1. thanks a million for the blessings of your website. You may as well help to intercede over my several challenges which include financial, mental, physical health and marital. Conclusively, I am at my wit’s end and needs very urgent divine intervention. Thanks again.

    • Rogerson, be sure you read all the postings on The Armor of God – do this daily and faithfully outloud. You are in a major spiritual battle. Also read Spiritual Warfare will Exhaust You. I would also read all the posts on Fasting and Prayer. This is one of the most powerful things that you can do. Standing with you in prayer.

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