How to Make God Happy

Yes, you have the power to bring a smile to God’s face.  Any son or daughter knows that they can say a single word or a single action and it can cause a parent to find joy in their child. God is a loving, doting, caring Father.  He too finds pleasure in His children.  


As often as His creation has grieved Him and caused Him much heartache we too can bring a smile to His face.  There are two key words here which are the very essence of what pleases God – Trust and Obey.  Obedience comes from knowing God’s will.  This can only come from studying and knowing the Word of God. Trust means once and for all deciding to stop all the worrying, fear and anxiety that you have walked in.  

The Word of God repeatedly tells us that if there is ANY sin, ANY disobedience, ANY wrongdoing, ANY rebellion in our lives then we are not right with God. How can anybody possibly be perfect you ask? God tells us in His Word.

Be Holy even as I am Holy.

This means that God does expect us to be holy. We cannot do this apart from Christ living His life through us. We must daily be reading, memorizing and studying God’s Word. How else will you know what you are supposed to do? It takes DAILY disciplined studying of God’s Word to know what He requires of us. How do you know if you are in sin? It takes daily quiet time. This simply means taking 10 -30 minutes on a daily basis and simply being very quiet before God. This is not prayer time or bible study time. This is waiting upon God. It is here where you ask Him if there is any sin in your life. The first thing that pops into your mind is usually God speaking to you. It is then your responsibility to repent, turn from your sin and make any atonement necessary – i.e. call the person offended and ask for forgiveness, return the stolen items, confess your crime, stop commiting adultery….. turn from the sin and cry out to God for the power to live an overcoming life.

Yes, God does expect you to be holy. Remember, you cannot live the Christian life, it must be the Holy Spirit living through you.

Trust is simply saying “God you are bigger than anything that I am going through.  I CHOOSE TO TRUST YOU.”  

Now that puts a smile on God’s face.  God knows that it is difficult to relinquish control over all your finances, your kids, your bills, your struggles.  He understands.  This is why He tells us over and over in His word to come to Him and literally dump all the messy worries on Him. Mat. 11:28 tells us: 

“Everyone of you who has cares and is weighed down with worries needs to come to me and I will give you rest.”   

Each morning He has an empty wheel barrow that He is waiting for you to fill.  He wants you to place your garbage of cares and worries in this wheel barrow and He wants to cart them away for you.   He then takes the cares and places them in a Holy Place where He begins to work on them.  It saddens God when we fail to come to Him and bring Him our concerns.  He makes all this effort to remove all the heaviness in our lives yet we hold on to our garbage bags full of cares and try to figure it out ourselves.

How often do we feel tired, worn out and drained by the end of the day?  Often that means you have been dragging your garbage bag full of cares when it was supposed to go to God – the only one really capable of doing anything with your mess. Do you really want to make God smile today?  Say this prayer with me then remember to print it and keep it on your frig. where you can say it each morning and each time you begin to get weighed down.  

“Lord, I want to be right with you. Help me to daily discipline myself to read and study your Word. Help me to have daily quiet time. Show me my sins. Reveal them to me. I no longer want to walk in sin but under your tender grace and mercy. Show me what to do. Lord, I have many worries.  I know that you are the only one big enough to actually do something about them.  In Jesus name I now release every fear, worry, care and concern to you.  I thank you that even now you are carting them away and beginning to work on them.  When I begin to worry and fret throughout the day please remind me that you have all my concerns and are working on them.”  In Jesus name we pray.  amen 

2 thoughts on “How to Make God Happy

  1. I absolutely love this message. We need to make God happy everyday with out lives. So let’s go out their, and win the lost and put a smile on the face of God.

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